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Circuit Rider

MassRWA provides free on-site technical assistance to water systems through the Circuit Rider Program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service.

The Circuit Rider Program provides hands-on assistance to water systems regarding leak detection, pipe location, and curb-stop location as well as other operational matters such as water quality treatment, testing, equipment repair, and emergency management. Circuit Riders also distribute valuable information on water rates, loan and grant applications, and other managerial issues.

Contact Jay Matuszewski , Jon Tibbetts or Keith Freyenhagen for assistance or information about our Circuit Rider Program.

Source Water

The Source Water Protection program expands our technical assistance program to include the development of protection plans for drinking water systems. The goal of the program is to assist communities that are served by public water systems to reduce potential risks to drinking water supplies. The process includes extensive research, planning, onsite assistance and implementation of preventative measures and can provide numerous benefits including: increased consumer confidence; reduced likelihood of contamination incidents with costly and/or potentially harmful results; solidified relationships between water suppliers, regulatory agencies and the public; and increased support for federal, state and local financial assistance programs.

Contact Bruce Young for assistance or information about our Source Water Services.

Training Specialist

Technical Assistance Training Program focuses on Formal Classroom Training and onsite technical assistance for rural/municipal water systems.Our Technical assistance emphasizes support with Technical, Managerial, Financial and Compliance issues.

Contact Jason Blais for information on our training programs.


MassRWA provides free on-site technical assistance to small and rural wastewater treatment and collection systems through the Wastewater Technical Assistance Program and the Wastewater Training and Technical Assistance Program both funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service. These programs provide hands-on assistance and training to wastewater systems in areas such as operator certification, treatment, biological process control, laboratory procedures, collection systems, smoke testing, and maintenance. The emphasis of the technical assistance is promoting low cost, long-term solutions.

Contact Dave Kaczenski for assistance or information about our Wastewater Programs.

Water and Wastewater System Mapping

MassRWA helps water systems locate their assets and map the full extent of their systems so operators can: see their systems on easy to read maps; reveal patterns, relationships, and trends that are not readily apparent in standard paper maps or data; improve planning and decision making; and track maintenance and daily operations with ready-to-use tools that improve customer relations.

Contact Bruce Young for assistance or information about our mapping services.

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