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North Dighton Fire District Primary Operator/Superintendent

Small Water Department in need of Part-time / on-call superintendent.

Must have D1 License and be available to respond to drinking water emergencies in a timely fashion.
Generate monthly compliance reports for submittal to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Take monthly Coliform & Chlorine samples (4) ea
Take Quarterly HAA & THM samples (2) ea
Take Manganese Samples Annual (1)
Submit Annual Statistical Report
Assist with compiling Consumer Confidence Report
Attend monthly board meetings.
Change meters as needed
Flush Hydrants
Mark-outs for gas, phone etc. as needed.
Comply with LCRR requirements.
For further information send inquiries to

Please submit resumes by December 5, 2023

Mass Rural Water Association

781 Millers Falls Road, Northfield, MA 01360

Phone: 413-498-5779

Fax: 413-498-9943