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Announcement: Mike Leach Has Retired!

Mike Leach, Circuit Rider, has Retired From the Mass Rural Water Association

Since joining Mass Rural Water in 2005 Mike has provided technical assistance and troubleshooting expertise to water systems across Massachusetts. Some of the innumerable services Mike provided include: system performance evaluations, pump and motor repair, electronic controller troubleshooting, advanced treatment techniques, leak detection, line location, compliance strategies and emergency response guidance.

Mass Rural Water Association Water Resource Planner, Bruce Young, wished Mike, with mixed emotions, a happy retirement. “I have always been in awe of Mike’s troubleshooting gift, he solved water systems most confounding problems on a daily basis.” “Before I met Mike, I had no clue what a 4-20 mA loop was, how to hot tap a main and I had no idea how to properly curse out a suction lift pump.”

Here’s wishing Mike nothing but the best in the next chapter of his life and hoping we get to meet up with him soon (maybe on our motorcycles) to enjoy his company again.

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