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NRWA System Partnership Survey

Help us gather real data on the sustainability of small water systems

In recent months, there has been negative discussions in Washington DC agencies in Washington DC regarding the sustainability of water systems. Our concern is these discussions are taking place with the lack of real data. We anticipate the data, from this survey, to show the degree that communities are working together for the betterment of both parties with decision making at the local level. A recent limited distribution survey documented that 47 % of the respondents either provide or receive services from other entities. This survey expands upon those results across the audience of 30,000 rural and small communities.

This survey is designed to gather data for discussions with agencies and congressional committees to document the extent that systems voluntarily make managerial and operational decisions at the local level to sustain their operation.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance in completing this 3-minute anonymous survey. Please click the link below to take the survey.

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